Monday, April 15, 2013

Recent Cubs Transactions/Update about the Blog

Recent Cubs Transactions/Update about the Blog

The Chicago Cubs have recently signed former Cub Kevin Gregg to a minor league contract. This signing is meant to give the Cubbies a safety net in case Kyuji Fujikawa doesn’t return from his strained foreman as soon as the Cubs predicted. Gregg has experience as a closer in his career, but Cubs fans shouldn’t expect him to be a lights out closer that he once was. However, Gregg can provide the Cubbies with some quality bullpen innings when needed.

The Cubs claimed Kameron Loe off the Seattle Mariners because the Mariners DFAed him because they had to make a roster spot for starting pitcher Aaron Harang. Loe will offer the Cubs a reliable arm in the bullpen that can get outs for the Cubbies. Loe will probably be used as a middle reliever because the Cubs are going to use Shawn Camp to close certain games for them.

I know that in my first blog I said that this blog will be about game analyses and statistical analyses, but I haven’t really done any statistical analysis yet. I will be doing statistical analysis after the first month of baseball. I chose to wait until  the first month is over because there aren’t enough stats to fully analyze a player and predict how that player will do in the reminder of the year from only a couple of games. Also, I’m going to wait until my spring semester is over and I will have the time to fully analyze all the Cubs players and their stats.      

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