Friday, April 12, 2013

Preview for the Game on April 13th

Preview for the Game on April 13th
San Francisco Giants (7-4) at Chicago Cubs (4-6)

The Chicago Cubs will get their third chance against the San Francisco Giants, the game will be at the great ballpark of Wrigley Field and starts at 1:05pm eastern time. The Cubs are looking to take the edge in the series before the series finale on Sunday, April 14th. The Cubbies will be sending their ace to the mound for tomorrow’s game, Jeff Samardzija. Samardzija is coming off an impressive start against the Braves where he struck out 13 batters in less than 6 innings of work. Jeff Samardzija is leading the majors in strikeouts so far this season and has an era of 2.63 with a record of (1-1). I just hope Samardzija just doesn’t try over pitch in tomorrow’s game to make up for his lost against the Braves in his last outing. Samardzija is going to need be on his A game tomorrow because he is going up against the young talented LHP Madison Bumgarner and the Giants will be looking for revenge for letting one slip away from themlast game.

Madison Bumgarner will be the probable starting pitcher for the Giants in tomorrow’s game. Bumgarner is (2-0) in this early season and has era of 1.32 and if he is on his game then he is unhittable. The pitches that Bumgarner has are a four seam fastball that has some movement to it, a nasty slider that could be the best in majors, a cutter that is effective against right-handed batters, a two seam fastball that has some sink to it and a changeup that is a project pitch. Madison Bumgarner is an extremely effective pitcher because of his height and the slot where he throws his pitches from. He can be a deadly matchup for the Cubbies because he is a left-handed pitcher and the Cubs hitters have the hardiest time hitting against LHPs.

Madison Bumgarner is a big time pitcher and has pitched in some big games in his early career therefore the Cubs batters need to come prepared against Bumgarner and his pitches. The Cubs hitters need to be disciplined at the plate because when Bumgarner is off he can be a little wild and walk too many batters. I hope that Nate Schierholtz and David DeJesus will both be in the lineup tomorrow because they both are the most disciplined hitters on the roster, but both are left-handed batters so that they might not be in a lineup because Bumgarner is a LHP.

My prediction for the game tomorrow is that it will be a low scoring affair that the Giants will win with a score of 2-1. I predict that Samardzija will put together a strong performance against the Giants and will go 7 innings allowing just one run, but it is outshined by Madison Bumgarner. Bumgarner is my predicted player of the game and I boldly predict that he pitches a complete game allowing just one run and with 11 strikeouts in the game. I’m also expecting that Buster Posey will get his first hit of the series because there is no possible way that the Cubs will limit him to no hits in a four game series.     

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