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April 9th Game’s Results and Analysis

April 9th Game’s Results and Analysis
Chicago Cubs 6 – Milwaukee Brewers 3
Winning Pitcher: Marmol (1-1) Losing Pitcher: Axford (0-2)
Save by Fujikawa (2)
Player of the Game: Nate Schierholtz, Starlin Castro, Anthony Rizzo

Tonight’s game is a prime example of why baseball is my favorite sport. The Chicago Cubs made the game a thriller tonight by winning a comeback and giving their fans the first chance to listen to “Go Cubs Go” at Wrigley Field. It was a great game for the Cubbies in which they fought hard in the game and came out with what I would say was their best win of the year. There are three players of the game today because the Cubs needed all of those players in order to win the game. Nate Schierholtz is one of those players because he got a leadoff double in the bottom of the 8th and scored the winning run off a sac fly by Scott Hairston. Starlin Castro is considered to be one of the players of the game because he got a crucial RBI in the game and made a hell of defensive play in the top of the 8th that prevented a run that could have given the Brewers the lead. The last player of the game was Anthony Rizzo because he had a huge RBI in the bottom of 7th off a left-handed pitcher that tied the game for the Cubs.

Impressive: The Cubs comeback was the most impressive part of the game in my mind. They just exploded on the Brewers bullpen and showed that they can come back and win games. The way that the Cubs fought back in the game was impressive and I knew sooner or later that they were going to be successful when they needed to make timely hits. Another thing that was impressive in today’s game was the starting pitcher, Travis Wood’s outing. Wood put together another great performance for the Cubbies. Travis Wood went 6.1 innings, gave up 3 runs, but 2 of them were earned runs and struck out six in the game. The game started off rough for Wood, especially the second inning, which was the inning that the Brewers scored all of their runs. Wood threw good pitches in that inning, but his defense made some errors that cost him some runs. Instead of continuing in the seemingly bad way, Wood settled down and limited the Brewers chances to score and gave the Cubbies a chance to win, which the Cubs came through on.

Surprising: Brent Lillibridge has surprised me so far this season. I was excited when I found out the Cubs had signed him in the off-season because he impressed me when I saw that he played for the Yankees and the White Sox. Lillibridge still hasn’t gotten a hit yet as a Cubbie and doesn’t look good at the plate. I know it’s early and Lillibridge isn’t going to have a great batting average at this point, but I thought he would have put in better performances at least.

Concerning: I would have been concerned with all the errors in the game that the Cubs had, but I’m blaming the weather for those errors. I think that the wind carried some throws away from the players and the cold weather prevented players from getting a good grip to throw the ball accurately. Instead of been concerned with the errors, I am concerned with Alfonso Soriano. Soriano looks like he’s not getting a good read off pitchers and hasn’t really had any impressive hits yet. Alfonso is supposed to be the leader of the Cubbies, but he hasn’t shown this yet this season. Also, I’m worried about his fielding because he just doesn’t make the right cuts to the ball in left field. I know as soon as it gets warm out his bat will get hot, but what is the point of the Cubs playing Soriano? He isn’t the best disciplined hitter, he’s worse than an average defender and he is on the wrong side of 30 years old. I think it would be best for the Cubs and Soriano if the Cubs could find a trade that would send him to a World Series contender in the American League so that he has a chance to get his first ring and play as the DH.

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