Sunday, April 7, 2013

Preview for the Game on April 7th

Preview for the Game on April 7th
Chicago Cubs (2-3) at Atlanta Braves (4-1)

Tomorrow’s game is going to be played at 1:35pm eastern time at Turner Field. The Chicago Cubs need to avoid getting swept tomorrow against the Atlanta Braves. The Cubbies will be sending the right pitcher onto mound to prevent a sweep, Jeff Samardzija. Samardzija won his first outing this year and look amazing in it and will need to have the same type of performance that he pitched against the Pirates if he wants to get a win against the Braves. Samardzija is going to need to have his slider be effective tomorrow because the Braves lineup is young and talented. Jeff Samardzija has a good track record against the Braves in the past and I believe he can win tomorrow’s game if he can cool down Justin Upton’s bat.

The pitcher opposing Samardzija is the crafty veteran right-hander Tim Hudson. Hudson is coming off a horrible performance against the Phillies on opening night, so the Cubs need to be prepared for his best stuff. The pitches that Hudson has is in repertoire are a sinkerball which he uses most often, a four seam fastball that he doesn’t use as much as other starting pitchers, a curveball that he uses mostly against lefties, a splitter that he doesn’t use often and a cutter that he uses to strikeout batters.

The Cubs hitters will be facing a tough matchup tomorrow because not only is Hudson an experienced pitcher, but he is also coming off a poor outing and will aim to make up for that poor outing in tomorrow’s game. I believe that in order for the Cubbies to score against Hudson they need to take advantage when they have runners on base by using hit and runs and by stealing bases. If Hudson’s sinkerball doesn’t sink or flattens out the Cubs hitters need to jump on those opportunities and hit homeruns.

My prediction for the game is that the Chicago Cubs will get revenge for the game they let go on April 6th. I predict that Samardzija will go deep into the game and just dominate the Braves lineup. Also, I strongly believe if Samardzija wants a win in tomorrow’s game he might need to pitch all 9 innings. I predict the ending score will be 6 to 1 because the Cubs hit the ball well off Tim Hudson. My predicted player of the game is Jeff Samardzija and also I think that Castro will have a huge game tomorrow because his bat has been silent lately. I know that I have predicted that the games would have all been won by the Cubbies and I have been wrong, but let’s hope I go 1 for 3 this series.

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