Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Preview for the Game on April 10th

Preview for the Game on April 10th
Milwaukee Brewers (2-5) at Chicago Cubs (3-4)

The Chicago Cubs next game will be the rubber match against the Milwaukee Brewers. The game will be played at the beautiful Wrigley Field at 8:05pm eastern time. The Cubs will be trying to win their second series of the year and trying to give themselves confidence for their four game series against the former World Series Champs, the San Francisco Giants. The probable pitcher for the Cubbies tomorrow will be Scott Feldman, which will be his first start in Wrigley and first time ever playing in Wrigley Field. Feldman is coming off a horrible start against the Atlanta Braves, even though the Braves do have one of the best lineups in baseball. If Feldman wants to get a win against the Brewers tomorrow, he is going to need to have good command on his pitches, especially his best pitch, the sinker. Feldman is hoping that the wind is blowing in and if the wind isn’t then it could be another bad outing for him.

The pitcher that Feldman will be facing is the savvy right-handed Kyle Lohse. I watched Lohse last start against the Arizona Diamondbacks and believe me he looked great. Lohse got a no decision in that contest, but it wasn’t too surprising because he didn’t get a lot of innings of practice during spring training because he didn’t sign with the Brewers until late in spring training. The pitches that Lohse has are a four-seam fastball that is the low-90s, a slider that he will use to backdoor left-handed batters, a curve, a cutter that he uses to jam batters and a changeup that is by far his best pitch. Kyle Lohse isn’t an overpowering pitcher, but he will go inside on batters and has excellent command on all of his pitches.

The Cubs hitters will be facing a tough pitcher tomorrow, therefore I believe they need to work the counts on him to make his pitch total go up so that they can get a crack at the Brewers struggling bullpen as soon as possible. I think that the Cubs will be giving Welington Castillo a break tomorrow, which means Dioner Navarro should be in the lineup. Also I figure that the Cubbies will get Scott Hairston in lineup and play him in left field. I believe the Cubs hitters will have a difficult time against Lohse, but if the Cubs are close in the later innings they can win the game by taking advantage of the bullpen of the Brew Crew.

My prediction of the game is the Brewers will pullout a victory because they should get an impressive outing from Kyle Lohse. Lohse will get his first win with the Brewers with a score of 5-3. I just think that Feldman will have another bad outing and will be too wild to be effective. I’m predicting that Kyle Lohse will be the player of the game and goes 7 to 8 great innings against the Cubbies. Although, Lohse will pitch great, he will struggle against Starlin Castro because I think Castro suits up well against Lohse and his off speed pitches.

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